Was Trump a Genius?

Donald Trump is a polarizing figure. Despite this, some aspects of his presidency have been hailed as genius. Trump has made some brilliant decisions, while others have been more of a marketing ploy. He’s still on the 26th floor of the Trump Tower, trying to persuade the public that he’s on their side.

Trump’s obsession with IQ

It’s hard to explain why Donald Trump is obsessed with IQ. It’s impossible to pin down exactly what his motivation is, but it is thought to be related to his desire to present himself as intelligent and successful. Trump is also prone to a thin skin, and he often fires back at critics with a barrage of insults. He builds himself up while defaming others.

Was Trump a stable genius


If Trump really believes that IQ tests are important, he should take one himself on national television. It would be a no-lose situation. It would be the largest party ever on Fox & Friends. Plus, it would show that IQ tests are biased in favor of the left.

His black-and-white view of intelligence

The black-and-white view of intelligence that Donald Trump promotes is an antiquated trope. In 1983, Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences, which stressed that people learn in different ways. Gardner also suggested that IQ tests were too narrow. Many people have also linked IQ with race, and alt-right and white supremacist groups have made that claim. Moreover, Trump has an affinity for people who graduated from elite universities.

While it’s difficult to pin down exactly why Trump is so obsessed with IQ, people who know him suspect that it stems from a desire to portray himself as a smart and competent man. The president also has a notoriously thin skin and is prone to firing back at critics with a barrage of insults. He often builds himself up while tearing down his critics.

His frequent misstatements of fact

One of the most troubling aspects of President Trump’s presidency has been his frequent misstatements of fact. His countless false claims erode confidence in our nation’s democratic process. His repeated claims of widespread election fraud, for example, were widely disproved. Yet Trump kept repeating them, and the false claim gained currency among Trump voters.

The president has made numerous false claims over the course of his presidency, and his lies are far more frequent and conventional than those of previous presidents. According to one recent study by Glen Kessler, Trump has made more than 2000 false statements during his first 355 days in office. Similarly, the Leonhardt et al. report details 103 untruths from Trump’s first 10 months in office. Trump’s false statements often involve self-contradictions, unwarranted credit-taking, and exaggerations.

His lack of understanding about military deployments

The first problem is that Trump has no understanding of how the US military operates. Moreover, he has not served in the military. He does not understand military traditions or the symbolic importance of service. In addition, he seems to lack the understanding of higher spiritual values. While the US military is a powerful institution, Trump seems to be unable to grasp its complexity.

Another issue is that the president has no clear idea how to govern the use of force. He is unable to articulate coherent reasons for the use of force and has not established any policy framework that governs the use of force. Additionally, his national security team lacks the ability to speak with one voice when making public announcements.

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