What Does QANON believe

Are you curious about the controversial political movement called QANON? Do you want to know what this group believes and how it has been impacting the United States? In this blog post, we will break down the basics of QANON and explain why so many people are talking about it.

Introduction to QANON: The Far-Right Political Movement

QANON is a decentralized, far-right political movement rooted in a baseless conspiracy theory that the world is controlled by a shadowy cabal of powerful figures. It originated in the American far-right political sphere in 2017 and has since spread across the globe. Some 56% of Republicans believe that QANON is mostly or partly true, according to a 2020 survey. These adherents believe that former President Donald Trump was under assault by satanic worshipers, and they view him as their hero. President Trump has stopped short of endorsing the conspiracy theory but has described QANON supporters as “people who love our country,” reflecting the growing influence of the movement. QANON’s core ideas include a fear of a ‘deep state’ and the promise of a ‘great awakening.’ It has also been linked to anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ elements. As we examine QANON’s impact, it is important to understand its beliefs and aims.

QANON’s Roots in Conspiracy Theory

QANON’s Roots in Conspiracy Theory – QAnon is an American political conspiracy theory and political movement that originated in the American far-right political sphere in 2017. It centers on explaining the “big tent conspiracy theory” that falsely claims that former President Trump is facing down a shadowy cabal of Democratic elites and “deep state” figures. Pizzagate and its progeny QAnon are two conspiracy theories with a growing number of believers worldwide. The visibility of the online movement has surged as a supporter appears headed to Congress and Trump fails to debunk the conspiracy theory.

QANON’s Beliefs about President Trump

QANON adherents view President Trump as a hero, believing that he is fighting against a shadowy cabal of Democratic elites. President Trump has not endorsed the conspiracy theory, but he has spoken positively about the conspiracists and their ideas. As such, QANON believers have become increasingly emboldened in their support of President Trump and his agenda.

QANON’s Involvement in the US Capitol Riot

QANON followers were present at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, when a mob of Trump supporters stormed the building in an attempt to overturn the election results. The and its associated symbols were displayed on banners and flags during the siege. President Trump has been criticized for his response to the riot, and for his past statements of support for QAnon’s followers who he once called “people who love our country”. It is clear that QAnon has had a significant influence on the events of January 6 and it is important to understand the movement’s core beliefs in order to assess its impact.

The QANON Movement’s Core Ideas

The QANON movement is built around a core set of ideas, including the belief that President Trump is facing down a shadowy cabal of Democratic satan-worshippers who are behind a “deep state” conspiracy to take control of the country. They also believe that their “Great Awakening” will bring about a series of mass arrests that will end this conspiracy and restore power to President Trump. Despite its lack of factual basis, the QANON movement has attracted many followers, some of whom were among the mob that stormed the US Capitol during the 2021 insurrection. It is important to note that President Trump has not endorsed QANON, but has instead distanced himself from the movement.

QANON and the Idea of ​​a ‘Deep State’

QANON is rooted in the belief that a “deep state” of powerful elites are conspiring against President Trump, and that they are working to undermine his administration and the will of the American people. This “deep state,” as defined by QAnon supporters, includes governmental agencies, politicians, corporate executives, and other influential figures who they believe are manipulating events at home and abroad. These individuals are often seen as part of a vast cabal which is attempting to cement its power over the world and control its population through deception and manipulation. QAnon followers believe that President Trump is fighting against this deep state, and that he is their last hope for justice.

QANON and the ‘Great Awakening’

The ‘Great Awakening’ is a term used to describe the esoteric belief system that QAnon adherents believe is slowly awakening the American people to the truth about the Deep State. The Great Awakening is an idea that has been embraced by QAnon supporters, who believe that they are part of a vast intelligence operation designed to expose and ultimately defeat the forces of darkness and corruption. It is a spiritual journey that many QAnon believers are committed to and which they hope will ultimately lead to a better world.

QANON’s Anti-Semitic and Anti-LGBTQ Elements

QANON has been linked to a wide range of far-right ideologies, including anti-Semitism and anti-LGBTQ sentiment. The conspiracy theory movement builds off of anti-Semitic tropes and false claims that have circulated worldwide for centuries, and its adherents often make “groomer” accusations against liberals and the LGBTQ community which are rooted in the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. Belief in this genre of conspiracy theories is often associated with endorsements of political violence, playing an important social and functional role for radicalizing individuals.

President Trump and LAW

In addition to QAnon’s beliefs about President Trump, the movement has also been tied to the false claims that Martial Law and the return of Donald Trump to power could be heralded by a law. The QAnon movement has been linked to the US Capitol Riot and has drawn attention from law enforcement due to potential threats from other violent extremist and militia groups. Former President Donald Trump has spoken out on the baseless conspiracy theories of QAnon, though he initially winked at it for years.

Conclusion: Examining the Impact of QANON

QANON has grown to become a powerful political force, and its influence has been felt throughout the world. As the movement continues to gain traction, it is important to understand its core ideas, how it has impacted the political landscape, and the implications of its increasing power. QANON’s anti-Semitic and anti-LGBTQ elements have been widely criticized, and its conspiracy theories have had a significant impact on our politics. President Trump was seen as a champion of the movement, and his endorsements of LAW have been widely seen as endorsements of QANON beliefs. While QANON may be fading from national headlines, it is essential to remain vigilant as its followers continue to grow in numbers and strength.

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